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The Comprehensive Party Committee of Zhejiang Lvkang Medical Care Group Co., Ltd. was established on September 11, 2018. The Hangzhou Party Branch was established on October 8, 2018. There are 5 Party branches under the Hangzhou Party Branch. The local party organization where the institution is located is managed by the territorial jurisdiction. At present, the company has more than 100 registered and mobile party members. The Hangzhou General Party Branch actively organizes branch party members to study armed ideology, and solidly carry out pioneering and striving to be the pioneer of “red medical care” party members and the creation of dual-brand activities of “strong enterprise and strong party building”, innovate the carrier of party building work, and enrich the activities of party members Content, improve the quality of party member activities, enhance the level of party building work, and comprehensively promote the healthy, steady and sustainable development of the group’s party building work and operation management work. Give full play to the political core role of the party organization among employees and the political leadership role in the development of the group, and strive to solve the ideological problems of employees in their daily work and life, difficult problems in operation and management, and bottlenecks that affect the safety of the group and the quality of service , The internal and external environmental issues that restrict the development of the group, strengthen the construction of party member team, management team construction, business backbone team construction, staff team construction and industrial youth organization construction. Promote the coordinated and orderly development of the group's party building work and other work, make a name for the dual-party building brand of "Red Medical Care" and "Strong Enterprise, Strong Party Building", and strive to create a demonstration site for private enterprise party building in the district health system.

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