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Chairman Introduction

Chairman Introduction

Zhuo Yongyue, a member of the Communist Party of China, a member of the Democratic Revolution, and a senior economist. Born in 1963, born in Yuhuan, Zhejiang, graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, an in-service graduate student, founder and chairman of Lvkang Medical Care Group.

Zhuo Yongyue is the pioneer and practitioner of the national concept of "integration of medical care and elderly care" health care services. After working in clinical medicine for more than 20 years, he devoted himself to the health and elderly care business in 2005. He took the lead in proposing the "integrated medical care and elderly care" elderly care service model in the country and conducted beneficial explorations and practices, and successfully explored the "integrated medical care and nursing care" rehabilitation. The old-age service model is called the "green health model".

Focusing on and cultivating the "integrated medical and elderly care" health care services for 15 years, Zhuo Yongyue is committed to the pioneering innovation of the organic combination of traditional elderly care and medical rehabilitation care systems, leading the development of the industry, and the established Lvkang medical care group has developed into a company It is a professional group company with the characteristics of public construction and private operation, and the combination of medical care and nursing care. It owns a number of maintenance, medical, rehabilitation, nursing services and other institutions, forming a good situation of clustering of the medical and nursing service industry and the coordinated development of public welfare innovation, becoming an industry-leading medical and nursing institution with national influence, and has won a number of national-level medical and nursing institutions. , Provincial, municipal, and district-level reform and innovation honors.

At the same time, he actively promotes the innovation and practice of integrated medical care and elderly care services, and has made positive contributions to serving the rigid needs of the society and promoting the development of the industry. .

【Social Position】

Executive Director of China Association of Social Welfare and Elderly Services

President of China Association of Social Welfare and Elderly Service

Vice Chairman of China Life Care Association-Medical Care Integration Organization Alliance

Academic Committee Member of the Yangtze River Delta Medical and Health Management Academic Alliance

Vice President of Zhejiang Health Service Industry Promotion Association

Chairman of the Professional Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Health Promotion Association

Chairman of the Professional Committee of Rehabilitation Medicine Association of Zhejiang Province

Chairman of the Professional Committee of Hangzhou Rehabilitation Medicine Association

Vice President of Zhejiang Business Research Association

President of Wenzhou Aging Health Promotion Association

Chairman of Hangzhou Jianggan Civil Revolution Medical Care Branch

【Main honors】

National Healthcare Innovation Leader

National Respect for the Elderly • Model Dean

Top Ten National Elderly Mental Care Workers

Top Ten Proud People of Zhejiang Provincial People's Revolution

Leading figure in the elderly care service industry in Zhejiang Province

Hangzhou City Ambassador of Love

Excellent Party Member of Health Committee of Jianggan District, Hangzhou

Top Ten Filial Stars of Dinglan, Hangzhou


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